Summer Camp Gift For My Readers


Two big things happened over the weekend:

1) It snowed over half a foot and we officially ended our second coldest month on record.

2) The March issue of The Piano Bench Mag was released!

As you can imagine, I’m not really celebrating item #1. Our local weather station (Youngstown, OH) recorded February 2015 as the second coldest month on record and the coldest February on record since 1987. Can I just say… yuck? We are definitely ready for spring here in western Pennsylvania!

I am, however, celebrating item #2! My “Summer Workshop Myth-Busters” article was featured in the March issue of The Piano Bench Magazine, and Sara’s Music Studio ended up on the cover of the magazine. (Yep, that’s me!) This was some pretty exciting stuff — definitely much better than record breaking low temperatures!


To celebrate, I’m giving away a FREE code for the March issue of The Piano Bench Mag to all my awesome readers.

Here’s How To Get a FREE March Issue of The Piano Bench Mag:

  1. Download the Magazine App on iTunes or Google Play
  2. Click on “Subscribe”
  3. Click on “Current Subscribers”
  4. Enter this Code: SarasGift

This code will only be good until March 15th, 2015. After that time, you can purchase a copy of the issue for $2.99.

The Piano Bench Mag presents articles with ideas and resources for piano teachers. Whether it is a review of an app, a list of websites with solutions to problems common to piano teachers everywhere or a resource to help improve lessons The Piano Bench Mag is the place to find information in one convenient spot.

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue! It was fun writing that article, especially since it helped me to stop focusing on this cold weather. If you’re looking for more advice about Summer Workshops and Camps, check out my Summer Workshop Series by clicking on the image below.


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