Summer Workshop Series


Here’s a list of my blog series about Designing Summer Music Workshops and Camps. Each post contains all sorts of information about planning, scheduling, registration, and advertising. Scroll below and read through the descriptions – CLICK on the images to read more!


Part One: Learn to create the basic set up for your camp: What do you want to teach? Who do you want to teach? What kind of a workshop schedule do you want to use? This will help you get started and give you the camp descriptions you need to start advertising now.


Part Two: Once you decide what kind of events you want to run, now it’s time to figure out the when and where. This post breaks down scheduling into an easy process. Remember:  The sooner you get scheduled, the sooner you can start enrolling students.


Part Three: Now it’s time to advertise. Create eye-catching advertisements to send home with students and post around your local community. This post breaks down what to include in your announcements, how to save on ink costs, and creative places to advertise.

Part Four: Once you’ve started advertising, you’ll need to be ready to enroll students! Multitask your registration form by collecting t-shirt sizes and photo release forms at the same time.  Download my free PDF registration sample to get started.


Part Five: Whether you’re using an already made camp or creating your own, testing your schedule is important! Create a schedule to detail the activities of each day and make sure to practice your timing so that things will run smoothly.


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5 responses to “Summer Workshop Series

  1. sustainstudios

    Yay!!! This is so helpful.

  2. Cara

    Really great posts. Thank you!

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