Christmas Recital Recap and Thanks!


Students waiting to perform for Residents at John XXIII

We had a wonderful Christmas Recital this past weekend at John XXIII Retirement Home! Thank you to everyone who attended!

19 students (1/2 our studio!) played and sang an array of Christmas songs for residents, parents, friends, and family. The 45 minute recital concluded with students passing out handmade Christmas cards to all the residents. Students made so many cards, that many of the residents had 3-4 cards when they left!

After Brad and I packed up the sound system, we helped take residents back to their rooms and had the opportunity to talk to many people about the event. Here are a few things that residents and staff said…

“Thank you so much. The students were wonderful and I love all my Christmas cards.” ~ Resident

“This was the best performance we have ever had here.” ~ Resident

“It’s very special when we have an event that brings so many smiles to our residents. They love to see the kids perform. Some of our residents don’t have people who visit them, and it’s wonderful to see them having such a good time. That’s what it’s all about.” ~ Staff

Thank you to everyone who helped out yesterday! You all made a difference by caring and sharing with the people at John XXIII.

I will send out the few pictures I managed to take, and if anyone has photos or videos of the recital that they wish to share… please feel free to email them to me! I would like to make a video montage of the performance.

Great job, everyone!


#playitforward #singitforward

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