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I’m so excited! Today my “5 Creative Tips to BOOST Your Income with Groups & Camps” was featured on the Music Teachers Helper Blog!


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The topics in this guest blog post will be the focus of our Upbeat Piano Teacher LIVE event next Wednesday, March 2nd at 12pm EST. Join Tracy Selle and I as we discuss these tips in depth and offer some of our personal stories about what works (and what doesn’t).

This FREE live webinar will also feature a Q&A Session where we’ll answer questions that teachers have emailed us over the past several weeks.

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Do you have a question about groups & camps? Or maybe just a business sense question? Post your question in the comments, or click on the contact link and send it to me personally. We’ll try to answer as many questions as we can!

If you can’t join us for the live event, you can watch the recorded video until Sunday, March 6th. Just make sure you join our email list so that we can send you the link!


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