Behind the Scenes at Group Lessons 101


Behind the Scenes at Group Lessons 101

This is probably my favorite “behind the scenes” shot from the interview series that Tracy and I did as part of Group Lessons 101. I’m still working the lighting issue, but at least I’ve figured out quite a few things!

Things I’ve Learned Behind the Scenes at Group Lessons 101:

  • Either my desk is too short, or I’m too tall… (HA! yeah, right) so I have to prop up my laptop on 9 music books to be at eye-level with my Logitech webcam.
  • The Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology books are perfect for item #1. (They’re also great for voice lessons. I have a dozen of them, and plan to get more.)
  • Microphones and headphones are a must to prevent feedback. So glad I was able to use my Blue Microphone Snowball as a microphone… now I just have to invest in a better set of headphones so that I don’t feel like I’m tethered to my laptop!
  • Ever seen the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the main characters first meet? Yeah. I could totally re-enact that if I took 1 step from my computer. Fast-forward to 1:22 to see what it would look like…

  • You can’t run lots of programs in the background while you’re on Google Hangouts, so my iPad served as my research tool while we were recording.
  • Lighting is difficult, especially when you’re very pale. Blush, contour makeup, and lip color can only go so far 🙂 I will figure this out! The theater-nerd in me is determined.
  • This is now one of my absolute favorite things to do. I’m so excited to do more LIVE webcasts, webinars, and online courses in the future. Group Lessons 101 is just the beginning, folks… and it’s a fabulous beginning.

Questions? Want to know more?

Check out Leila Viss’s review
of Group Lessons 101 on her blog, 88 Piano Keys.

“The freebie webinar was worth its weight in gold and they didn’t even begin to touch on all the interviews, advice, lesson plans, editable PDF’s, forms to use, coupons, etc. they promised to deliver in their upcoming Group Lessons 101.” – Leila Viss

My favorite part of her review?

“The content of this course will long outlast any decent pair of shoes around the same price. 

Can’t beat that! I’m all about long-lasting shoes 😉

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