Piano Day was Yesterday!


Oops! I’m a day late and a dollar short. Yesterday marked the second annual Piano Day celebration. Being a piano & voice teacher, I was kind of shocked that I missed such a significant holiday!  How did I not know about this date? And what’s the significance behind March 28th?

Was it someone’s birthday?

Does it mark a special day in the birth of the piano?

Did a remarkable concert take place on this day?




Yesterday was the 88th day of 2016 – A day for every key. (I’m in love!)

**If it hadn’t been a leap year, TODAY would be Piano Day! Keep that in mind for 2017.


Piano Day is on March 29th most years, but it’s on March 28th every Leap Year. Mark your calendars properly in 2020 😉

Even though I didn’t know about Piano Day, my innate spidey-piano-senses must have been tingling, because I *did* celebrate my piano yesterday by having a professional photographer come to my studio for a portrait session. (More on that very soon!)

About the Piano Day Website…

At first I didn’t notice the super cool feature at the top of the Piano Day site. I accidentally scrolled past it in search of what was going on during Piano Day 2016. When I came back to the top, I realized they had a really neat tool for you to compose your own prepared piano piece.

Even cooler: You can record, loop, and share your piece! I didn’t take advantage of the loop function, but with a little bit more time you could create a few layers and come up with something really fun sounding.

You can listen to my piece by clicking the image below:


Looking for a way to retroactively celebrate piano day? Invest in your piano teacher education and join me at the Groove Your Theory webinar on April 22nd!

Groove Your Theory with Bradley Sowash and Leila Viss will address all sorts of ways to incorporate backing tracks into your students’ lessons AND their home practice! (Do you like the phrase “guaranteed home practice”? I know I do!)

If you haven’t seen how backing tracks can enhance a lesson, check out the post I made last week, or hop on over to Leila’s blog and see what she wrote about using the iReal Pro to Circle the Keys in Fives.


This is definitely a webinar you will want to attend. PLUS, this webinar is only $49… about the price of a decent pair of spring sandals. 😉 The knowledge you’ll gain (and the fun your students will have) will far outlast those shoes!

Next year, I’ll be ready for Piano Day. Will you be ready?

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iReal Pro with Bradley Sowash and Leila Viss