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Hello blog readers! It’s been a CRAZY busy couple of weeks in the studio. We just finished up our recital this past weekend, and I’ve got a couple projects that need to be wrapped up before I get back to blogging.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share an AWESOME blog post about scheduling summer lessons. Here’s an excerpt… follow the link at the end to read the whole post! Tracy has some excellent ideas about how to create a summer schedule that does 2 wonderful things:

  1. Allows flexibility for parents/students AND teachers!
  2. Gives teachers consistent income throughout the summer\

P.S. – There’s a really great freebie download at the end of the blog post below, make sure to check it out! Your studio parents will thank you for it 😉

The No-Stress Way to Schedule Summer Lessons

by Tracy Selle

One of the Upbeat Piano Teachers asked this question last week:

“How do you schedule your summer lessons? Do you keep the same schedule that you do during the school year? Do you offer special group lessons? How do you work around summer swim schedules with practice in the morning and evening?”

I’ll be the first to admit that scheduling summer lessons can be a nightmare. I’ve learned that the key to success during the summer is staying flexible.

For that reason, I don’t stick with the same schedule. Instead, I discovered a plan that works great for me and it might work for you too! Here are my top 4 strategies for headache-free summer scheduling: Click to Read Tracy’s Tips!

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