The Power of a Positive Group


Working in the studio…

The past two months have been such a positive whirlwind! Our Upbeat Piano Teacher group has been buzzing with summer plans, group lesson formats, and studio expansions.

It’s truly amazing to witness the progress that teachers have made since we started back in March

My favorite “Group Moments”:

  • Witnessing teachers get TONS of positive feedback as they plan their very first summer camps. It’s so much easier to plan a camp when you can bounce ideas around.
  • Eye-catching graphics and FB ads all made by piano teachers. (Hoping to share some of those here in the very near future.)
  • Studios successfully transitioning to 100% group lesson formats – and parents actually being EXCITED about the changes.
  • Crazy creative summer camp themes… Minecraft Music Camp, anyone? SHEER GENIUS, I tell you!

It’s really inspiring to watch others succeed. I have learned so much from everyone over the past two months. Can’t wait to implement some of these new ideas this summer!

The coolest part about this experience? I love being a part of a group that both inspires and supports.

We’re just a group of regular teachers. I think Stephanie said it best…

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I think part of what I liked about the webinar is understanding that everyone is just a “normal person.”

We all struggle at times with the same things. It felt as though we were all gathered in my living room having a chat session.

This is one of the best “in-services” that I have EVER attended!! I’ve already started passing on my excitement to my students.

Stephanie Hawkins, Piano Teacher, Kansas

What happens when you have regular teachers helping each other on a daily basis?

Regular teachers can do some really amazing things when they have the support of others.

I am SO grateful for the groups that I’m a part of.  Having a group where I can bounce around ideas and get feedback is invaluable for my studio.

It’s been a real game changer.

Do you have a good support system that helps you through the hard stuff? 

Being a private music teacher can be a lonely existence, but it doesn’t have to be… once you find your flock, you won’t feel so alone!

There are SO many good groups out there. Check out these FB forums where teachers can connect:

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zHnDK49eQUeWa03aQpn1_susann chesser (4)“I really want my students to get a well-rounded piano education and these webinars are opening my eyes to more ways to accomplish that.

It also gave me the guts to unashamedly market my business.”

Susan Chesser, Piano Teacher

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