Being a Savvy Music Teacher

Ok… today I’m going to keep this post short. (More of a reminder for myself than a statement for you! No rambling today, Sara. You have a long to-do list!)


This fall term, I’m making a concerted effort to define myself as a music teacher. Every morning I’m setting aside a little bit of time to do something that will help me hone my focus on why I teach music.

Here are a few things on my new morning routine list:

  • Read every morning. Even if it’s only a few pages!
  • Make personal notes and actionable steps.
  • Take action: do something that helps define my purpose.

This morning I worked on clarifying my 5 Music Learning Objectives. (Yes, I’ll post about those someday.)

The book you see in the picture above is The Savvy Music Teacher, by David Cutler. I’m only 3/4 of the way into Chapter 1, and this book has already changed the way I view my role as a music teacher.

Seriously. It’s that awesome.

Interested in joining me on this journey? Check out the free Upbeat Piano Teacher Book Club on Facebook. We just started The Savvy Music Teacher on Sunday.

Don’t worry – there’s still plenty of time to get your book and catch up with the group. There’s also a  kindle version for the tech-savvy, or if you want to save a bit of $$.

Here’s our reading schedule – click to download/print the PDF.

savvypdf.pngIt was so much fun discussing our last book over the summer — we even had a live FB chat with the author. Hoping to do that this time too!

A Note About Joining: Our free book club is in a closed Facebook Group. All members must be approved by moderators — this helps us protect the group from spam. Please make sure that we can tell you are a music teacher from your public profile!

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