We Can ALL Use a Little Reminder Sometimes!


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Just how often do you need to remind yourself to do something?

Only once?
(WHOA… you’re amazing!)

A couple of times?
(Getting warmer…)

Post-it notes all over the house and reminders in your phone?
(Now we’re talkin’!)

The world we live in moves at an amazingly fast pace. Most kids nowadays are involved in tons of activities, which means that parents and guardians have to juggle some crazy busy schedules.

Some parents are SO busy that they don’t even have time to get out of the car.

What does this have to do with teaching music lessons?

It’s about being able to communicate with our studio parents.

We don’t always get the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with our studio parents. “Drop Off” parents might have young siblings in car seats, or another kid that needs to get to soccer practice 10 minutes after Cindy Lou’s voice lesson starts.

They’ve got places to be and things to do, and they just don’t have time to enter the studio during lessons.

It’s not the ideal situation, but hey… this is the world we live in! We have to make the best of it.

In a perfect world, I’d love to be able to talk to each parent as kids exit/enter the studio… but that doesn’t always work out, especially if I don’t have time between lessons to run out to a car to talk to a parent. (The weather doesn’t always cooperate for that either.)

*P.S. I have the utmost respect for “Drop Off” parents! You all make lessons possible for your children, and I have mad respect for the schedules that you juggle on a daily basis!

Not being able to communicate each week can result in forgotten tuition, registration forms, or other important things.

This is where extra REMINDERS can come in really handy. If you find yourself unable to remind parents about tuition due dates, recital dates, or other important information… POST IT outside your studio so that everyone can be on the same page.


A Sample of a Window/Door Reminder

Think of these signs like giant Post-it Notes.

Everyone needs reminders sometimes. We all know what it’s like to forget an important deadline. (I have a couple I need to get caught up on today!) Give your parents an extra reminder about due dates and important information by posting signs outside or your studio.

A Few Tips About Reminders:

  • Make sure Reminders will be visible for “Drop Off” parents!
  • Laminate repeated reminders such as monthly tuition to save on paper.
  • Verbalize reminders for teens who come without parents.

Remember: Reminding someone about your business policies or tuition being due isn’t rude. Sometimes we have to be firm (but friendly) when it comes to reminders. This is your business, so don’t be afraid to wear your business hat!

Want to use this tuition reminder in YOUR studio?

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