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Today’s post is brought to you by Dalton’s “Snowmen in a Snowstorm”

First and foremost… who is looking forward to their holiday break? Yeah. I see you jumping around with your hand up saying, “Me! Me! Ooo!!! ME!” Don’t worry, I’m right there with ya!

We just started December, but counting today, I only have 10 more days of lessons before the holidays. Whaaaaat?!

That means:

  • 10 days until our holiday recital at John XXIII Retirement home.
  • 18 days until I play for a 2 hour luncheon at St. John Episcopal on Christmas Eve.
  • 19 days until Christmas!


One of the things I’m looking forward to during holiday break is having more time to read. I’ll be honest here: my Christmas reading list has nothing to do with music! Instead, I’ve got my eye on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (Thanks, Mom!)

BUT… as soon as we get back from break in January, I’ll be excited to dive into another book with the Upbeat Piano Teachers Book Club! Last month we took a poll and our members decided to read a short book to kick off 2017.

For our January book, we decided on What Great Teachers Do Differently: 17 Things that Matter Most by Todd Whitaker. Just ordered my copy this morning!

Heads up, readers: Right now you can get $5 off any Amazon book purchase over $15 with the code GIFTBOOK. Today is the last day for the code! (12/7/16)

If you’re feeling ambitious, and want to sink your teeth into some music teacher books over the holidays, here is a short list of recommendations:

The Savvy Music Teacher is super detailed, and will definitely help you set up your business for success. We just finished this in the book club – lots of good discussions about this one!

I first read The Dynamic Studio a couple of years ago, and then once again with the book club this summer. It’s one of my favorites.

Let’s face it: teaching scales can be super boring. Philip Johnston changed my mind about that this fall. I love all the Scales Bootcamp “challenges” and ideas that he has to super charge your scale teaching technique.

Yep – another one by Philip Johnston. (I just really like his style of writing!) Not Until You’ve Done Your Practice is for my lobby area. I like to keep books up there for parents/students to read while they wait.

What’s your favorite music book? Share in the comments below! (And don’t forget… that $5 coupon expires today. I won’t judge you if you use it to purchase a book that’s not about music. 😉 Code: GIFTBOOK)

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