Planning for Summer in Winter

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It’s almost the end of January. After realizing that we’re 1/12th into 2017 already, a kind of scary question popped into my head yesterday:

Sara, have you started
planning your summer schedule yet?

(Seriously, brain? Already? Ack!!)

I know, I know. It seems so early. June feels so far away, but really… there are only 4 months between now and the most gorgeous time of year in western Pennsylvania.

That means it’s time for me to get moving.

Now… I’m not saying that I’m going to start advertising my summer programs just yet, but I am going to start  start brainstorming and planning.

Here are 4 easy steps I start with each year:

  1. Block off potential weeks in my schedule.
  2. Brainstorm about themes and age groups.
  3. Inquire about larger spaces if I need one.
  4. Start talking up my plans to students as I go.

That last step is super important. You need to generate interest for your summer programs the moment you start planning. Even if you don’t have concrete plans, start talking up the concepts to your students and parents!

By talking up summer plans to your studio, you start generating momentum and excitement, two of the MAJOR keys to running a successful summer program.

(See what I did there? Major keys? Hehe.)

Nervous about planning a summer camp?

You don’t need to be. If you’re looking for detailed planning advice and tons of resources, our Group Lessons 101 webinar enrollment is open through tomorrow. This webinar even comes with my Music Blast Camp plans ($45 value) absolutely free.

Looking for more teaching tips from the pros? Our popular Technology Boot Camp and Get More Students webinars are also open for enrollment.

Don’t delay though…

 We’re only open through Friday, January 27th! 


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