3 Teaching Tips for Summer Camp Planning

It’s that time again.

I know it’s not even officially spring yet, but March is the month when I normally start planning my summer camps. This year I’ve got some different ideas up on my sleeve for summer. (I’ll be blogging about those soon.)

3 Easy Teaching Tips:

First and foremost: Don’t get overwhelmed… here are 3 simple steps that you can take to start planning your summer camp:

  1. Figure out the days/times of your camp. This is the hardest step, I know! You won’t be able to please everyone, just try to find something that’s convenient to you and your most enthusiastic students. See this post for more advice about this tricky step.
  2. Pick a fun theme. You can make camps about tons of things: Olympics, world music, movies, popular games… go with something that will get your students excited to join. Check out this page for ideas I’ve used in the past.
  3. Make an exciting flyer to hang in your studio. If you can, get it printed professionally at Staples or your local copy shop. (Go big and colorful!) Be sure to send home flyers with parents too — and remember, this is just your first announcement.

Looking for another easy way to get started this summer? Music Blast Camp Plans are on sale in my online Square store for only $36 now through March 17th. (This price won’t come around for another year.)


What Teachers & Students are Saying
About Music Blast Camp:

“I did this camp last year and the kids seriously had a blast. They’ve talked about it all year and can’t wait for this year’s camp!”
Tammy Prenot, California

Music Blast Camp was so easy to use! Having the lessons laid out with suggested times really helped in my planning. The checklists also made planning easy.

 The water activities were the “bomb” for my students. It was heaps of fun and I plan on making this a yearly camp in my studio.
Stephanie Aubley-Hawkins, Kansas

“Sara’s Music Blast summer camp was incredible! My 8-12 year old students all attended and had so much fun.

The plans are simple and easy to follow, and every detail is covered right down to the best places to buy your materials, how to make your own, and even tips and tricks to save money along the way. Sara was also gracious enough to answer any questions I had while planning it. 

I don’t know who was more excited about this; myself or my students. This is the best outdoor summer camp you’ll ever have!”
Nicole Colledge Cornaby, Utah

Camp Plans Include:

  • Advertising materials
  • Editable registration form
  • Blank Music Blast Poster (add your details on Canva.com)
  • Material checklist
  • Sample letters to parents
  • Detailed day-by-day schedule
  • Weekly “At a Glance” schedule
  • Detailed DIY instructions for games
  • Zip file of 6 PDFs and images

Here are a few sample pages so you can check it out!

Note: If you are NOT in the US and have trouble checking out because of Square’s zipcode feature, please email me and we’ll make arrangements via PayPal. (Thank you to the teachers who notified me of this issue. Glad we figured things out!)

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3 responses to “3 Teaching Tips for Summer Camp Planning

  1. KathyG

    the ‘few sample pages’ is just a black box for me. Were there supposed to be links?

  2. Rachel Mays

    I was wondering if you could send me the application for voice camp to my house the address is 241 North Pit St Mercer Pa thank you.

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