Creative Chord Activities Webinar (Replay)

Teaching chords in your studio? Here are 5 creative ways to teach or reinforce chord concepts such as inversions, chord quality, and lead sheet reading. These activities are great for private lessons or group lessons! Best of all: Most of them are free or inexpensive to put together!

Make sure you check it out this week: This replay will expire on Friday, March 31st at 11pm EST.

Resources I mention in this video:

We’ve been using the “What’s Hot?” list a lot in my studio! Click the images below to check out the songs that some of my teens and tweens are listening to nowadays.

Teaching Tip:

Don’t let popular music overwhelm you! You don’t have to teach students the entire song, which is good because some pop songs are really long! (It’s not unusual to find popular songs on that are 12 pages or more.)

Try learning just the cool sounding introduction or an eight measure catchy riff that you can loop over and over. It will give you a chance to talk about chord progressions and it’s a guaranteed way to get your student to the keyboard! 😉

Download the free “What’s Hot?” List here!

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