Resource Roundup: Chopsticks, Power Pages, & Mandalas

A little something new for you! Every week I’m going to try to get out a “resource roundup” of cool stuff that you might find interesting. These resources might be recommendations from other teachers, or something I just stumbled across in a newsfeed or email. 

No wordy reviews… just a little blurb about what’s out there so that YOU can stay in the know 😉

SO… without further ado: 

Chopsticks Infinity: 

I’m super interested in this new resource by Philip Johnston. This new book features 105 duet parts for the age-old classic, “Chopsticks.”  Just ordered it today so I could use it during private lessons and group lessons.  Check out this video to hear the possibilities! 

Power Pages: 

Piano Pronto recently started coming out with new supplement materials for their method books.  I’m really looking forward to adding these to my curriculum this fall! Have you started using these in your studio yet? Let us know in the comments!

Musical Mandalas:

Susan Hong’s new Musical Mandalas is my favorite find of the week! We’ve really enjoyed her beautiful coloring pages in “Shades of You,” and this week she released her first coloring book. I’m using this studio-licensed resource as a welcome back gift for my students when they return in the fall. 

And that’s it for this week’s Resource Roundup! I hope you enjoyed these recommendations… check back next week for more! 🙂 

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