Resource Roundup: Notespeed, Vocalogical, and Hashtags vs. Sharps

Resource Roundup: Notespeed, Vocalogical, and Hashtags vs. Sharps


This has been our favorite game in the studio over the past two weeks. I heard about it on a couple of forums, and then when the Music Teacher Warehouse opened I noticed that it was on their game list. 

Note Speed

Notespeed is a fast-paced (duh) note reading game that encourages step-wise note reading. And it is SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously. We’ve had to set a limit on the # of games that we play during lessons, because otherwise we’d never make it to the piano! 

In fact, we love this game so much that I’ll be writing a detailed post about it later on in September. (Spoiler: we’re going to double our decks and use this game in a group setting. Documentation to follow!)

Wanna know how the game is played? Check out the awesome Notespeed videos that creator Tara Cunningham has up on YouTube! 


Vocalogical Podcast

Ok… obviously I’m on a podcast kick 😉 Here’s another one that I think voice teachers out there should put on their weekly list! 

Vocalogical is a new podcast hosted by Matthew Johnson. There are 16 episodes so far, and they’re all jam-packed full of information, resources, and exercises. The episodes cover a wide variety of topics, and are geared towards both teachers and performers! 

You can listen to it on iTunes or Google Play! And be sure to check out the Vocalogical Conversations group on FB. 


Happy Birthday, Hashtag!

Classic FM shared a great post earlier this month about the hashtag turning 10 years old! 

If you’ve ever had a student call a sharp a hashtag, here’s a great image that you can use to discuss the differences. Print it, keep it in a handy binder (or up on the wall!), and have your students practice drawing sharps vs. hashtags.

Hope you enjoyed this Resource Roundup! Stay tuned for more… 🙂

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