Resource Roundup: Ear Training, Transposing, and Studio Gear

Resource Roundup: Ear Training, Transposing, and Studio Gear

Resource Roundup features blog posts, podcasts, resources, and other cool stuff that I find while surfing the big wide web. Whenever I see something I think my readers might enjoy, I bookmark it for a future Resource Roundup. Do you have something you’d like to see featured? Email me and I’ll check it out! 

First up is an article from Sean Wales at Sean put together a fantastic list of ear training apps that are perfect for use during lesson time. He features a range of apps that will work for all age ranges: everything from college bound students to preschoolers! Thanks for the list, Sean!


Next up is an article by yours truly. (Ok, so it’s a bit weird that I’m featuring myself… but this article took me a good bit to write, and it’s why I haven’t done any blog posts here in the past week!) 

Perhaps you remember my posts about “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat”?  Well, this is a much expanded version of major-to-minor nursery rhymes. If you’re looking for a clear explanation for your students about transposing for major to minor, or if you’re a Gustav Mahler fan… I suggest checking it out! Transpose & Terrify on the Musical U blog


And finally, a little post about cool studio gear. Natalie Weber of the Music Matters Blog shows off a neat folding desk that you can use in your studio. It’s perfect for small spaces, collapses to practically nothing, and it’s big enough to fit a laptop when it’s open! Check her post out for details and pictures: Awesome Folding Standup Desk for Teaching Piano


That’s all for this week’s Roundup! Stay tuned for more… 

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