Yamaha Keyboards on Sale for Amazon Cyber Week

Yamaha Keyboards on Sale for Amazon Cyber Week

Heads up, fellow piano and voice teachers: there’s a pretty decent deal on Amazon this week with Yamaha keyboards. You can save up to $200 on select models, including one of my “student starter favorites,” the P115. 

If you have parents/students who need to upgrade to a weighted keyboard — send them this info! Keyboards make great Christmas gifts 😉 

About the Yamaha P115:

Now, the P115 is a pretty basic model. Not a lot of bells and whistles like some of the more expensive Yamahas, but it’s full-size with weighted keys, and if students get a furniture stand and a “piano style” pedal, it can definitely work as a starter keyboard. 

(The P115 is also decent as a gigging piano. The cheaper X stand makes it easily portable, and it’s not too heavy for piano teachers to lug around by themselves! I speak from experience. This one is a LOT easier to carry than my hubby’s Korg…) 

Right now Amazon has a holiday bundle that includes:

  •  P115 Digital Piano
  • L85 Furniture Stand
  • BB1 Matching Bench
  • Sustain Pedal & Power Supply

(Anyone else kinda think it’s funny that they include “power supply” as an item? I mean, really? It’s kind of useless without a power cord… but listing it as an item just seems silly.) 

A Note About Pedals:

If parents want to spend another $75 or so, you can get the student bundle that includes the 3 pedal furniture stand. It’s not a necessity, but if you have a student who is using pedals… it’s always a good idea to get a furniture stand that has them attached.

Unattached pedals do have a tendency to slide around on the floor unless you secure them somehow. (Ductape! Only half kidding here. I’ve had to resort to ductaping pedals to the floor at gigs before.)

So there’s my little recommendation for parents and teachers out there who are looking for a good deal on a decent weighted keyboard.

Like I’ve said, it’s not a top-of-the-line-bells-and-whistles kind of instrument… but it’s sturdy, has weighted keys, and will work as a substitute for families who aren’t ready to get an acoustic instrument.

(All that said — parents, you should get your child an acoustic instrument if at all possible! Digitals are nice, but in my opinion, there’s just no replacement for the sound/touch of a good acoustic piano.)

And on a totally unrelated note…

They also have Pusheen as a Cyber Deal this week.*happy sigh* 

Pusheen…<3 Anyone else obsessed with this kitty?  

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