2018 Piano and Voice Recital Playlist

2018 Piano and Voice Recital Playlist

It’s that time again! My spring recital is right around the corner, which means I’m getting my 2018 pre-recital playlist organized. This is the third year we’ve used a Spotify playlist as a prelude to our formal spring recital. That’s right — a Spotify playlist for a formal recital. 

Why a Playlist? 

The concept is simple really: it’s all about making your students comfortable. Sitting in total silence while you wait to perform at a recital can be really nerve wracking. Having some music playing softly in the background is a great way to help your students to relax before they perform. 

The Details: I use Spotify to create and play my pre-recital playlists. Typically I download them to my phone and then my husband runs them through his sound system at the beginning and end of the recital. Easy, peasy! 

(How cute are those smiling faces? I love how “springy” everyone looks in their recital outfits!)

I normally ask my students to arrive around 20-40 minutes early so that we can get vocalists warmed up, arrange students in their recital order, and go over our recital etiquette. My playlists are typically 45 minutes long, so that gives me plenty of “prelude” and “postlude” music. 


My 2018 Playlist Choices

The choices on this playlist were inspired by broadway shows like Dear Evan Hanson and movies like The Greatest Showman, Moanna, and La La Land.  They’re upbeat, inspirational, and fun to listen-to, and they remind me of all the cool stuff my students have introduced me to over the past year. 

To get a hold of my 2018 Spring Recital Playlist, just CLICK HERE to check it out on Spotify.

If you’ve never used Spotify before, it’s totally free (with some ads), and as long as you have a decent wireless connection or solid signal… you can stream music anywhere. And they have a premium option for $9.99 a month if you’d rather download your playlists. (I often just get the premium option for my recital months!) 

Previous Spring Recital Mixes

Need something that’s more pop or jazz oriented?  Check out the lists I made in 2016 and 2017. Just click on the pictures below to access!

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