Getting Your Studio “In Tune”!

Getting Your Studio “In Tune”!

Now’s the time when I send out a reminder to all the parents and students in my studio about getting their pianos tuned.  This year I sent out an email with a link to a video that I made with my favorite piano tuner of all time, Loren DiGiorgi

Why did I send a video to my parents? Because I want them to literally see how important it is to get your piano tuned.  Keep reading to get a hold of my email wording!

About the Video:

Last week Loren dropped by to do some work on my Baldwin Hamilton. We had some voicing issues that he took care of — “muddy” bass keys now sound brighter and match the treble keys. He also did some regulation to give the keys a more smooth and even response.  The difference I can feel on the keys is really fantastic!

Check out our video where we talk about regulating and voicing:

About the Email:

This morning I sent out an email with a link to this video and a quick rundown of what parents need to know about tuning. Here it is… feel free to copy and use this text!


Dear Parents & Students! 

It’s getting to be that time of year… the weather has changed and now your piano is likely in need of a tuning!

  • How often should you tune your piano? At least once a year. Preferably twice.
  • How much does a piano tuning cost? That depends on your tuner and if your piano needs more than just a regular tuning! This area average is between $___ and $____.
  • But it sounds “fine!” Even if your piano sounds “in tune,” it likely isn’t. The longer you let a piano sit untuned, the more damage you risk. It’s MUCH cheaper to tune a piano once a year than to wait several years and then have to make lots of repairs.

Remember… the more you tune your piano, the less you will need to spend in repairs. Here’s my piano tuner’s information: ________.  Make sure to call and get your piano tuning scheduled today! 


Why send this email?

Two reasons: 1) it only takes 5 minutes to send and  2) everyone appreciates a good reminder for things like these. It’s hard to keep track of all those once-or-twice a year events! 

Another important reason: You don’t know what condition your student’s piano is in unless you’ve actually seen it. What’s “in tune” and “fine” might actually be really out of tune and perhaps the culprit behind a lack of practice. I’ve witnessed some really awful pianos over the years. 

And of course… the biggest reason of all: your students’ home instruments are important! 🙂 


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