3 Ways to Avoid Teacher Burnout

3 Ways to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Teacher burnout is real. 

Maybe you’re feeling it because your schedule is packed to the gills. Maybe it’s because administration tasks take up too much of your time. Or maybe it’s because you feel like you’re only able to stay one step ahead of the game. 

(Hey — one step ahead is better than falling behind, right?)

It’s easy to succumb to burnout when you’re self-employed. We want to do all the things, be all the things, create all the things… and that can eventually take it’s toll. 

But I don’t have to tell you that, do I? No, I didn’t think so. 

Avoiding teacher burnout is important. After all, we want to love our jobs, don’t we? Being able to inspire young (and not so young!) minds with the power of music is truly an amazing thing. Our profession is unique. We get to share our knowledge and love of music so that our students can, in turn… share it with others. 

I really believe that our job can change the world for the better. And we really need that right now. 

So how can we avoid burnout? 

I’ve got a few tips for you. And I hope you find them helpful. <3 

  1. Take Care Of Yourself. ALWAYS. You’ve probably heard this line before, but you must you must take care of yourself before you take care of others. If  we deny ourselves the care that we need to function: good food, decent sleep, exercise, and activities that bring us joy… if we deny ourselves those things, we will not have the energy that we need to take care of other people. Example: I’ve been struggling to keep a consistent yoga routine. I know that yoga makes me feel better, sleep better, and focus better… but it was really hard to get back into a habit after being inconsistent for so many years. Since attending classes isn’t something I can do right now, I found an app that helps me keep track of my time on the mat. May / June have been good so far! (Going to do the yogas after I finish this post!) 
  2. Think Ahead. Even if it’s only for a day. Making plans is important. And this concept is simple: When we take the time to break things down and think through the steps it takes to realize our big goals, we’re more likely to achieve them! (Don’t get me wrong here… even though this is a simple concept, it’s often difficult to employ on a regular basis.) Example: I like to keep my goals on a whiteboard, checking them off as I go throughout the week. At the end of the week, I erase the completed tasks and reorganize the chart for next week. This has been much easier for me to use than a daily planner. 
  3. Take Action on a Regular Basis. Teacher burnout can make us feel stuck in our tracks. Getting out of that space of overwhelm requires us to take action, even if those actions are small. Eventually those small steps will add up, and when you look back you’ll be surprised at how far you’re able to go when you start taking those tiny steps. Example: Last year I didn’t do summer camps. Life was just too busy. Getting back to them this year was a challenge! I felt a bit overwhelmed by the end result — but once I broke things down into doable steps, I was able to chip away at the tasks. And I ALSO made sure to reach out to people who could help me. (Hubby was a fantastic crafter this year!) 

Here’s one final tip for you today… 

If making studio plans, setting goals, and getting organized feels overwhelming to you… reach out and find someone to help. 

Just because you’re a solo-preneur doesn’t mean that you have to work alone. There are TONS of teacher groups out there that are ready to give you the support that you need! Seriously. 

Find your tribe and get moving. I promise that it’s so much easier when you have a group of teachers who have your back. <3 

Looking for help right now?

And if you’re looking for helping getting your 2018-2019 studio year planned… I’ll be working with teachers all throughout the month of July (and a bit into August!) for our 2nd Annual Upbeat Planning Academy

We discuss goal setting techniques, ways to organize your studio, and how to plan for a smooth 2018-2019 studio year. All of this happens in a private FB group with live videos, recordings, and of course some sweet downloadables — a workbook, lots of planning charts, and other things that help you move towards your ideal studio. <3 

Does this sound like something that you would be interested in? Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to chat about what goals you might be setting for yourself and your studio <3 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 


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