Learn to AIM Your Professional Development [Vlog]

Learn to AIM Your Professional Development [Vlog]

How many professional development webinars, courses, or resources do you have on your computer? 

You know, the ones that you haven’t touched yet.

Maybe you have a folder full of them. Or maybe they’re a bunch of unopened emails just languishing in your inbox. It’s easy to lose track of these opportunities, and it’s even easier to push them aside because you feel like you just can’t find enough time to invest in all that stuff

You had such good intentions when you signed up for that course! But you know what they say about good intentions…

They pave a lot of streets. (ahem.)

You’re not alone.

When I initially posted about this topic on Facebook, I received so many reactions and comments from other teachers. Professional development overwhelm is rampant in today’s fast-paced world! Many asked how I knew about all those unused courses: “how did you know?!” and “this is definitely a problem I have!” 

A couple teachers even wondered if I was clairvoyant (“you’re always reading my mind!”). 

I’m not.

And don’t worry: I can’t see your computer screen. 

But I can see mine. I’ve got a bunch of courses and webinars that I haven’t used yet. They’re sitting in a folder labeled “New Studio Resources” on my desktop. It’s the dumping ground for all those shiny objects I found last year. 

So I decided to come up with a strategy to do something about it. 

(And it’s working!)

And now I’m going to share it with you.

Because you can do the thing too.

You can finish those professional development opportunities,  and then  you can print out those fancy certificates and hang them on your studio walls. And you can bring all sorts of new goodness to your clients, because you’ll have new tools in your teaching tool belt. 

All you have to do is AIM

(No. I’m not talking about AOL AIM… RIP my favorite chat service from the 90s and 00s.) 

Alas, dear AIM… you were a good friend.

Here’s my strategy: 

A = Actuate…

You’ve got to make the decision to flip that switch! Are you going to let those webinars and courses just sit around on your computer? Or are you going to put them into action? Get serious about what you want to use: print out your materials, put them in a pretty binder, and get ready to use them. 

I = Implement…

You’ve purchased that course, printed out your materials, and made the decision to do it. Now you have to carve time out of your schedule and make it happen. These courses aren’t going to “learn themselves.” Find time in your day when you can dedicate yourself to working through your materials. (Even if it’s only 30 minutes!)

M = Motivate…

Printing is easy. So is writing stuff down on a calendar. But actually making things happen can be hard! Motivate yourself with your why… how will this impact your studio? How will it enhance your clients’ experiences? What will this provide for you as a professional? Make a list that will help you keep moving. 

Looking for more? Check out this video with Glory St. Germain — she invited me to chat about how I keep up with professional development in the piano and voice field. We had a lot of fun in this interview!

Speaking of opportunities…

Glory will be giving her 3 Master Keys Masterclass next week. It’s a fabulous presentation about using mnemonics to make theory fun and accessible, how neuro-linguistic programming techniques can help stop frustration, and how teaching group theory can be super effective. If you haven’t checked it out… do! (And use my AIM strategy to make the most out of this webinar!)

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