Navigating Business Shifts in Your Music Studio [Vlog]

Navigating Business Shifts in Your Music Studio [Vlog]

Shifts in studio business structure, policies, new systems.. they all come with challenges.

There are all sorts of pitfalls that can happen when we restructure: miscommunications, misunderstandings, and miscalculations. It’s so important that we learn how to navigate these shifts mindfully, but how the heck can we do that? 

It’s not like there’s a manual for being a music studio owner. Well, okay… there are lots of great ideas out there! Blog posts, videos, courses… you name it! But even when we have access to those awesome resources, we still find challenges that are unique to our location and teaching focus. 

Navigating business shifts can sometimes feel like you’re walking through the woods without a map! (Or a compass!)

“Into the woods, but mind the past…
Into the woods, but mind the future….
Into the woods, but not to stray…”

How can we make these shifts without getting lost?

In this video I’ll be sharing 3 navigation tips that I learned back in my days of Girl Scouting. These mindset and inspiration tips will help you get your bearings, find your path, and blaze your trail. (And make your OWN dang map!!!)

The show notes: 

  1. Get Your Bearings. You can’t make a map until you know where you are! Get the data you need to make informed changes.
  2. Find Your Path. Once you have that data, figure out which path will make the most sense for you and your clients! Map it out!
  3. Blaze Your Trail. Your work isn’t done yet! You need to mark your changes clearly so that your clients can follow.

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And because inquiring minds want to know… what’s one of the BIGGEST business shifts you’ve ever made? 

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