Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast with Jessica Dutton

One of my favorite things about the independent music education blogging world is when we get the opportunity to collaborate and celebrate what it takes to be good teachers and business owners. Recording this podcast with Jessica Dutton was an absolute blast! 

Jessica Dutton is an amazing music business entrepreneur. (A kindred spirit.) She’s the multi-teacher studio owner of Jubliee Music in Arkansas, runs the Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast, and leads a group called Music Teacher Business Launchpad, where she supports music teachers as entrepreneurs. And she does all of this (and more) while raising 3  kiddos!  She’s a dang super hero. <3 

Last year we had the opportunity to record a very fun episode of her podcast where we chatted about all things music and business. I hope you enjoy listening to this show! You might hear my cat Grizabella at some point in the background… 

Here’s a link where you can check out the show notes from this episode. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other episodes Jessica has recorded! She’s covering a variety of topics and she’s got some great guests. 

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