Intermediate Piano Assignment Sheets

After a busy week of group lessons, I’m trying to check off a few more things from my “To Do” list. Intermediate assignment sheets have been on that list for a while! I wanted something that was clean and simple looking, and here’s what I came up with:


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There were two things that I really wanted from an intermediate assignment sheet:

First, I wanted a Circle of 5ths. A couple of years ago, I found several assignment sheet designs that used the Circle of 5ths. I’ve always had a Circle of 5ths above the piano in my studio, and most of my students had at least one Circle of 5ths in a technique book that they could use as a reference. It’s really convenient to have it right there on your weekly assignments.

Not only can you use it to indicate scales, it’s also a great way to teach chord progression relationships. For example – if you circle the two keys to the left and right of a key, you find the IV (four) and V (five) chords. Include the minor key directly below, and you have the vi (six) chord. Put those chords in the following order: I – V – vi – IV, and you have The Four Chord Song.


(I also especially liked this design because it included the number of sharps/flats found in each key.)

Second, I wanted lots of room to write. Apparently I have rather large handwriting. It’s neat and legible (I hope), but the longer I teach, the larger my handwriting gets. I also like to draw concepts, or just write reminder words, so I wanted a sheet that allowed me to break free of lines.

Of course, for those who prefer to keep their writing neat and orderly, I’ve also made a lined version!


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I hope these assignment sheets are useful for other teachers and students. If you’re looking for a beginner level assignment sheet, check out the link below for my fall designs. In the works: I’m also designing a Voice Student assignment/practice sheet. Look for those in the near future!


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