Free Minor Pentascale Worksheets

Free Minor Pentascale Worksheets

Yesterday I received a request for minor pentascale worksheets, and since I needed a little break from group lesson planning last night, I decided to whip these up! These new worksheets will work as companions to the major pentascale worksheets I made last January. You can click on the PNG images and download them, or you can pick up the PDF formats using the links below:

Download Minor White Pentascales Worksheet PDF

Download Minor Black Pentascales Worksheet PDF


Thank you, Mary, for reminding me about the minor worksheets! This was a project I meant to do months ago, but it just got lost in the shuffle. I especially love your idea for the Whole Step / Half Step mnemonic.

For major pentascales, I used the phrase: What Will Henrietta Wear?

For minor pentascales, Mary suggested Why, Henrietta Wore White!

(Students having trouble remembering which saying goes with which type of pentascale? Henrietta is dressing up as a ghost for Halloween this year, so the “white” that she’s wearing is “spooky” sounding!)


It’s been a busy week in the studio! This was our first week of Group Lessons, which meant I had to develop 8 different group lesson curriculums. In addition, I also gave a lecture at Westminster College about Designing Music Workshops. (If you’re interested in some of the details, check out the Freebies page here – I’ve included links to my Designing Music Workshops posts at the top. I’ll have some much more detailed posts and downloads in the future!)



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