Music Ribbon Portrait Ornament

Here’s another fantastic ornament idea for students this holiday season. This one comes from Foxx Piano Studio Resources (thank you Jennifer!)


Music Ribbon Portrait Ornament

by Jennifer Foxx of

Materials Needed:


  1. Create a bow – if you want some ideas about how to make them easily, check out this blog post!
  2. Size and print a digital photo of your student. (Use the sizing instructions on your buttons.)
  3. Glue the large ribbon, button, and small loop ribbon together with a hot glue gun.
  4. Tada!

Check out the beautiful designs we posted about last week:

 Here are the links to the DIY instructions. Thank you, Lisa, Anita, and Natalie, for sharing your ornament ideas with us!

Music Star Ornament

Recital Globe Ornament

Music Note Ornament


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