I Make My Children Do Music (VIDEO)

ChildsHandsPianoLessonImagine this… it’s the very beginning of Tommy’s piano lessons. He’s 8 years old and totally psyched about learning to play the piano. He practices constantly, without reminders, and with gusto.

Fast forward a bit… Tommy is 10 years old and practice is starting to wane. He’s involved in more activities, which makes practicing piano difficult to schedule, and it’s starting to become a struggle between Tommy and his parents. After a fight about practicing, Tommy tosses his piano book to the floor and yells the dreaded phrase… “I just want to quit!”

Don’t worry, parents… you’re not alone in this fight. This morning I came across a great video from Scott Lang, a nationally known leadership trainer and music educator. Check it out:


“We make decisions each and every day in what’s not only the best interest of our children right now, but in the future.

I make my children do much because I know that they have a better chance of not being involved in drugs and alcohol.

… because they’re going to have higher GPAs.

… because it’s going to help with their language acquisition skills.

… because it makes them more likely to go on from college and graduate from college.

… because they’re going to be surrounded by caring, loving, and nurturing people who want what’s best for them.

because I love them.

As a parent, you will likely experience a time when your child no longer practices without being told, or a time when they might fight about having to practice, or a time when they might be discouraged enough that they want to quit.

When that time comes — don’t forget, you aren’t alone! Talk to your child’s teacher and together you should be able to come up with a game-plan. There are lots of resources out there for parents who have gone through exactly what you are going through.

Here are 3 of my Favorite Parent Resources:

How To Motivate Your Child to Practice

3 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children When They Begin a Musical Instrument

101 Piano Practice Tips E-Book

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