Summer Camp & Group Lesson Webinar!


I’ve been so excited to announce this project!

A couple of months ago I got recruited for a webinar project by Tracy Capps Selle, the author of 101 Piano Practice Tips. I was interviewed along with 13 other piano teachers, composers, and bloggers… and together, we’ve covered all KINDS of interesting topics that will help YOU build the studio that you’ve always imagined.

Recognize any of these names? 

  • Andrea Bentz
  • Sara Campbell (That’s me!)
  • Amy Comparetto
  • Jennifer Eklund
  • Jennifer Foxx
  • Chrisanne Holm
  • Becki Laurent
  • Janice Martin
  • Christina Mathis
  • Judy Naillon
  • Mark Paulson
  • Tim Topham
  • Rebecca Udy
  • Leila Viss

My segment on Summer Camps and Group Lessons will go into detail about how I got started with workshops/camps, tips and tricks for teachers who want to keep income steady in the summer months, and all kinds of information about DO’s and DON’Ts of groups!

On October 12th-14th this webinar series will be 30% off! That means it will be only $67 for HOURS of information from 14 professional music educators. This deal won’t last forever though, so BE SURE to bookmark the link below (Click the image!) so that you can register this coming Monday!

Psssst… registration won’t start until then, so be sure to set a reminder for yourself 🙂


A Personal Note: I know that my blog has been on “silent mode” quite a bit lately. Some health issues have prevented me from using the computer like I normally would, and so I’ve had to cut back severely on word processing and graphic designing. I’m hopeful that sometime in the next couple of months I’ll be able to return to my normal blogging. Until then, I hope you enjoy the Webinar on Summer Camps, and be sure to check out all the fall materials I posted in previous years!



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