Reblog: Discovering Vocal Freedom – An Interview Featuring Jennifer Hamady

Source: Discovering Vocal Freedom – An Interview Featuring Jennifer Hamady

Janelle Laarakker‘s interview with Jennifer Hamady really resonated with me this morning. Voice teachers: bookmark the above link for your reading list!

“Your voice knows what to do; it’s your mind that makes singing and developing the voice so much harder than it has to be. There is a huge distinction between effort and struggle.

We talk a lot about effort in voice lessons in my studio. Vocal struggles often come from a mismatch in mental/physical effort. When a song passage requires a low effort level, but a singer uses a high effort level, all sorts of things can go wrong!

Jennifer Hamady’s use of the term effort vs. struggle just clicked with me, and I’m hoping that it will click for my students in the future as well.

In case you’re interested in learning more about the interviewee, Jennifer Hamady has two books available, “The Art of Singing” and “Learning to Sing”:
If you would like to read more by Janelle Laarakker – be sure to subscribe to her blog, The Vibrant Vocalist. Her interviews, resources, and ideas are fantastic for voice teachers and performers!
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