Cyber Monday Deals for Voice & Piano Teachers


Hello Readers! Just a few quick links to some great CYBER MONDAY deals on Amazon today. Some of these deals are LIGHTNING DEALS, so don’t delay!! They might not last more than a few hours! Good luck 🙂

Recording Devices for Voice/Piano Lessons:

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of questions in teacher forums about recording devices, and since it’s CYBER MONDAY, I thought I’d pass along a few links to decent recording devices at some pretty great prices:

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone 614vxqCr6lL._SL1200_

This is the device that we use in our studio, and it’s got a decent sound for a small price. Great for recording piano, voice, or for using with voice analysis software. Normally $100, right now only $43.


Blue Microphones YETI Microphone61rXd8ixEYL._SL1500_

If you’re looking for something with a little more “oomph,” then you can upgrade to the Yeti model. I haven’t had personal experience with this, but voice teacher friends tell me that it’s awesome. Normally $150, right now only $75.

6147g4L2leL._SL1500_.jpgZoom H1 – Special Edition White Handy Recorder

Two years ago we used a Zoom to record all student performances at one of our Summer Voice Workshops. The audio/video was great! This is on my wishlist. Normally $160, right now it’s only $75.



Incentives for Young and “Old” Piano Students:

Creative Teaching Press Classroom Management Incentives, Tickets71k+E3XPoRL._SL1000_.jpg

Looking for ideas for your next incentive programs? I’ve heard of a lot of teachers using Mozart Money, but how about some fun tickets? I thought these might make a cute addition to a spring incentive! Normally $14, only $6.30.


81Sd7tPTj9L._SL1500_.jpgDo you have tweens/teens who have outgrown stickers? How about a cool COMPLETED stamp instead. They might outgrow stickers (or not, I still have LOTS of teens who like them), but they’ll never outgrow something that gives them a sense of accomplishment.

In the next day or so, I’ll post lots of neat ideas for handmade ornaments to give to your students as gifts!

If you have any ideas that you would like to add, send me an email at and I’ll include yours in the list!

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