Teacher Feature: Anissa G. Bradley

Teacher Feature: Anissa G. Bradley

When I see teachers doing amazing things… it makes my heart sing. Last week Anissa reached out to let me know about the unique way she welcomed students back for the new school year!  

She took the #myjam idea and ran with it. And I love, love, LOVE the results! 

Here’s a little post by Anissa about the awesomeness that happened in her studio last week. I hope this is inspires you! ~ Sara

Making a Difference with Music

by Anissa G. Bradley

I love Friday Five Live. I have gotten so inspired by watching Sara. I accidentally found the Upbeat Piano Teacher FB page last winter and I have never looked back. I was following another professional piano teacher FB page and it wasn’t very encouraging.

After finding UPT, I have realized more of my value as a private music teacher and what I bring to the table.

I loved the idea of #myjam and knew it would be easy to incorporate it into that first semester lesson. I had also seen a pin on Pinterest from Color in My Piano Blog regarding a questionnaire. (I am always searching for new ideas for my teaching.)

It was just the inspiration I needed to take the time to create a fun activity for my students.

I was worried my high school students would think this activity a little corny, but boy, they bought into it. All of the students did. What a great icebreaker activity! I think my students knew how genuinely interested I was in hearing about the music they like to listen to.
(Look at those smiles! Anissa is really doing wonderful things on her FB studio page!) 

Taking it to the Next Level… 

I bought nails, twine, and clothes pins at Target. I printed out the pictures at CVS and had a great coupon. I think I only paid $3 for 24 pictures. I used scrapbook glue tape from Walmart to attach the pictures to the cards. It was very easy and I am definitely not crafty.

A beautiful display of #myjams…

My students have been surprised at the display because it takes up a whole wall, and they have loved seeing everyone else’s pictures.
The added bonus for me is that at the end of the first day after these were up, I was reminded what a great responsibility I have to these students as their private music teacher. I was also reflective about past students from the 19 years of private teaching. I am very blessed.

Anissa G. Bradley has been a private voice, flute, and piano teacher in Ferdinand, Indiana for 18 years. She currently is the Indiana Choral Directors Association Chair for all-state chorus. Anissa also co-directs the musicals at Forest Park High School. 

For more inspiration, check out The Music Studio of Anissa G. BradleyThank you for sharing your creativity with us, Anissa! <3 

#myjam Freebie

Anissa’s post features a l freebie from Friday Five Live #54 at Upbeat Piano Teachers. Get a hold of it by clicking this link to interact with the #UpbeatBot — our friendly UPT chat bot who has tons of freebies and cool stuff for piano teachers. 

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Happy teaching!

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