BWH: More About the Blogger

BWH: More About the Blogger

The blog’s been a little quiet lately. (Sorry about that!) 

Here’s a quick run down of what’s been going on lately… 

Fun Outside of Work

Did something fun this September/October — I was in a local musical review. This is the 3rd time I’ve been able to make time for theatre in the past two years, and it felt really good! Hooray for finding time to do things that make you happy. 

Picture by Bob Piccirlli

Fun at Work

On October 12th I did an online presentation for The Roanoke Valley Music Teachers Association. We connected via Zoom, and from there I was able to screen share slides, play videos, demonstrate on the piano, and answer their questions. It was a real blast! 


Has your local music chapter thought about incorporating online presentations? It’s a great way to connect with presenters who are otherwise too far away. 

Fun Sharing Stories… 

About a month ago I was contacted by Babes Who Hustle for an interview feature. I was so exited! That interview went “live” yesterday on their website.

So if you’ve ever wondered about what kind of drinks I like, who my favorite fictional character is, or what kind of advice I’d give to someone in our field… check it out.

Fun Connecting with Teachers… 

I’ve been working with some amazing teachers lately. It’s so inspiring to see teachers reach for their dreams! 

Tomorrow I’m connecting with another local teacher who runs an AMAZING music and art store in a nearby town. I’m hoping to collaborate with her on some projects in the future 🙂  How cool is this lady? 

Here’s to local networking! 

What kind of fun are YOU up to nowadays? 


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