Getting Out of Survival Mode in Your Music Studio

Getting Out of Survival Mode in Your Music Studio

You’ve been working so hard over the past several weeks.

You learned all the things. You taught those things to your students and parents. You took your ENTIRE business online in the span of a week.

You’ve been through mental, emotional, and physical trials. The decision fatigue you’ve felt is 100% real. 

… now you’re doing the thing.

And you’re making it work!

BUT… you still feel like you’re in “survival mode.” (I’m there with you, friend. No judgement here…)

It’s time to hit the reset button so that we can shift out of survival mentality and into a new mindset space where we can better help our clients and ourselves.

Show Notes from the Broadcast: 

  1. Let go of that which does not serve. Yep. I said it… “Let it goooooo!” 
  2. Establish new routines. It’s okay to release the old ones that don’t seem to fit right now. Figure out what YOU and YOUR STUDENTS need right now, and establish those new routines gradually. What can you do today to streamline tomorrow? 
  3. Celebrate the small stuff. Like putting on real pants, brushing the back of your hair (since no one has seen it in weeks), or when a student downloads an app and it actually works. 

I hope these tips will help you shift out of survival mode and into a more relaxed space. If you found this helpful… pass it along to a business friend!

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‘Cause we’ve got this.

Wanna get a hold of that Free Masterclass I mentioned? 

I’m doing TWO broadcasts next week… one at our regularly scheduled Wednesday time, and another on Friday, April 10th @ 11:30am ET. Click the image below to enroll! (P.S. Yeah, I totally used the same picture as above, because I wanted to let go of some expectations that everything has to be new right now… #practicewhatyoupreach)

Energizing Your Studio's Online Presence
We’re one month in to COVID-19, and you’ve learned so much! You’re starting to get your footing as an online music teacher, and now it’s time to energize your studio’s online presence so that you can communicate your new offerings (and refill your rosters!). People are waiting to work with you… now’s the time to learn how to connect with them. 
When: Friday, April  10th @ 11:30am ET. Click the image below to enroll! 
Where: FB Live on the coaching page
Why: Because your studio deserves to continue thriving 
Is there a replay? Absolutely. BUT… the replay for this masterclass will only be available for one week, so make sure that you join the event so you can find the link! 

Stay creative, and stay you. 

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