Ludwig on the Loose!

18 days into September, and the fall schedule is really in full swing. This weekend we have a Studio Open House with all kinds of fun activities planned. We even have a special guest coming to visit! I’ve been busy prepping some new music games and crafts, and I can’t wait to share them with students. (Thank you Joy and Wendy for your wonderful ideas.) Stay tuned to the blog next week for recaps of our first group lesson of the fall.


Activities Corner

The new studio is still undergoing transformations. This week we added the Clavinova into our Activities Corner. I plan on temporarily setting up a non-weighted keyboard as well for the Open House on Saturday so that parents and students can see/hear/feel the difference between an acoustic piano, a weighted digital piano, and a keyboard.

You might be able to spot Ludwig in the photo above. This was his “normal spot” on top of the blue shelf. When I came into the studio yesterday though…

…Ludwig obviously had other plans for what he wanted to do that day…

Beethoven Frog Güiro

Ludwig on the Frog Güiro

As you can see, Ludwig is quite the character. I found him sitting on top of our frog güiro, brandishing the wooden scraper like he was headed into battle. This is the second time I’ve found him in a strange place. You can read more about Ludwig and his pals Bach, Wagner, and Mozart in my original post about Ludwig on the Shelf.

To the readers who might also have Ludwigs in their studio this year, are yours doing anything odd? Let us know in the comments!

gemgiveawayIn case you missed it earlier this week, on Monday we celebrated our 100th blog post with a giveaway contest for a set of Piano Gems. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning, so there’s still time to enter! Just click on the image to comment. (I’m thinking about making another set of gems, so I might just give away two!)

fallfunassignmentsheetsOn Tuesday, I shared a free set of Fall Fun Assignment Sheets. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback – I’ve got some intermediate/advanced level assignments sheets in the works, so look for those in the near future.

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